Friday, April 6, 2012

The Crackdown Special, Day 6: Introducing Frank Soprano

The Crackdown special continues with the most realistic-looking of the teenage hoodlums.  This young Chancer definitely has the criminal ear.

Tune in tomorrow for the grand finale of the BRG's Crackdown special, when you can view the trailer and learn more about the year's most exciting movie!

James Chance
Frank Soprano

Frank Soprano is another bodyguard to Anthony Soprano and is usually Anthony's right-hand-man helping him at all costs. Frank Soprano has a relentless approach of attacking when required, however, he isn't the smartest of the three brothers and often makes mistakes leading the Mafia into trouble.

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  1. I've also got a "criminal ear". I am disgusted that a blog like this would sink so low as to spread such a nasty prejudice.

    I think when I've finished today's heist I'll have to pay you a visit with my baseball bat...