Monday, April 2, 2012

The Crackdown Special, Day 2: Introducing Inspector Jones

The Crackdown special continues on the BRG.  Check back tomorrow to meet another exciting character!

Dave Hennessey
Inspector Jones

Inspector Jones is Ford's right-hand man and the man that Ford turns to when in need of assistance. Inspector Jones possesses a lot of qualities including his ability to detect a situation out of control. He has great combat skills due to being a black-belt in Karate and a martial-art expert.


  1. I also possess the ability to detect a situation out of control! Whenever I see people running, screaming and chaos in general, I'm almost always certain that things are out of hand. :)

  2. Jones is proud oif the fact that, like James Bond's, his hair never spins out of control - not even in the wildest firefights...