Sunday, March 31, 2013

Introducing Pagan Easter

Your Choice

Today the pagans of Easter celebrate with an atmosphere of giving and happiness, a renewal of life.

Good Friday and the Christian Easter, on the other hand, represents a time of suffering, their minds filled with the horror of a tortured man dying on lumber and then magicaly rising into heaven like superman for the selfish purpose of getting you into heaven, as long as you flatter God with your own insignificance and suffering.  If you don't accept their beliefs, well, sorry, you go to Hell, a place of eternal torment.

The pagan Easter celebrates happiness and life.  The Christian Easter consecrates suffering and death.

The pagan Easter celebrates a birthday (renewal).  The Christian Easter solemnizes an execution (death).

Pagans give.  Christians take.

Pagans prepare for life.  Christians prepare for an alleged afterlife.

Pagans don't require faith or belief to celebrate life.  Christians, however, require belief in their deicidal mythology.

Which of these practices do you think has the best chance to promote the most good will?


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