Sunday, May 13, 2012

Introducing Stupid Repubs

The ironic thing is, they're not much different to me:

But they call themselves conservative and I call myself a liberal.

Stupid Repubs.


  1. Stupid repubs, acid reflux - who cares when their garden is overrun by grovlers?

    (Though those grovlers in the witch-elm are definitely preferable to blue-hoodied gnomes under the sycamore, so I should stop grovelling about them, I guess...)

  2. "blue-hoodied gnomes under the sycamore" - That's actually a 'Grovler Crow'. They can be specially ordered. Your Witch Elm will be clear in no time.

  3. Now that's interesting. But what happens to the Grovler Crows when the grovlers are gone?