Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year...New Beginnings ..First Blog!

Last year, I was having so much fun reading my garden and nature pal's blogs, it really got me thinking...Why couldnt I start my own blog?.....I love to write ....and dream....and write more....After feeling quite intimidated by the process of it all, and hemming and hawing for another few more months , I sat down with hubby and just took the plunge...I have tried to be fearless and move beyond my obvious lack of technical experience  in the blog and computer  world..

So here it goes...Hello...thanks for reading my blog....Some of you may already be thinking...Why Bunny Run?...Isnt this sorta a garden blog and dont rabbits eat precious things in the garden?....Well, yes and yes....But the name just coming back to me...Ive had an absolute adoration for the long eared varmints since I was little and firmly believe all creatures have a place in my garden....My own pet rabbit  that I had at age 10 was called Bun....She slept in my arms every night......I am constantly delighted and amazed by the critters that inhabit my garden.

This delight has grown into full obsession going back from last April, when hubby and I moved from busy metro Washington DC to the woods and water and marshlands of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.....The previous homeowner  of our house was not a gardener and with the exception of some nice azaleas around the front of the house and a neglected magnolia tree in the backyard, our new 1.2 acres was bare woodlands......Our house was tucked inside the woods....Its a whole different world out here where your neighbors are often  animals rather  than people....But theres no place Id rather be and I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be living here...Some places have that magnetic pull and when I first saw this place, I felt it right away...A very comforting feeling.
Even if that means starting over in the new garden (for the 3rd time) and doing all those countless  little things to settle in....A seasoned gardener on the Shore once reminded me to look at my experience as a privledge to begin the blank slate again, filling the open spaces with the plants that I love and that I am learning about every day....Her words to me were: "Deal with it and move on!"...And  even when the distance is longer to drive to places, Im inpatient at times to get things done  and my cell phone has dead zones everywhere out here, waking up and watching foxes and deer stroll outside my bedroom window, hearing the calls of birds Ive never  heard before  and watching  a resident eagle pair making a nest near our backyard  makes it all worthwhile...Last week I saw a raptor with a rat in its beak, so there is hope.
I am home.


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging. Ya'll take the best photos and love the way you write. It's going to do well! Very nice article about why you started the blog and your love of nature but I already knew that. Hugs to you both.

  2. Hugs back at you, Anna!...Thanks so much for the nice words on my pictures....Its fun to pick out the ones that echo what Im feeling when Im writing....Heres to lots of happy blogs from Bunny Run Garden.

  3. This is exciting, Stephanie and Abraham. I'm so glad you've started this. It will be a fun and pleasant journey...for you both--and for all of us;-)

  4. It helps to have a Mac techie for a husband, Jan...Thanks, its been interesting getting this off the ground....Looking forward to a bloggy year.

  5. great stuff, Stephanie. I am a Missouri Master Gardener and love learning about growing here on the Bay. I hope to see more of your pictures and look forward to getting out there in a garden soon!!!! Thanks - Kathy - Www.chesapeakejournal.com

  6. Thanks Kathy....Its always a pleasure to get feedback and support from the Shore garden folks!